When you step into this lounge at the top of a residential building in FiDi, you'll think you're in the type of place where a dapper British spy says witty one liners while drinking martinis before jumping off the roof because taking the elevator is too much trouble. This bar feels fancy, but you can come here dressed casually, the staff is really friendly, and any photo you take outside could go straight on a postcard.

After checking in at street level and arriving at the 63rd floor at Saga (Overstory’s sister restaurant), someone will escort you up a flight of stairs to an oval room with a disco ball where you might hear clubby remixes of Madonna playing. Since this place limits the number of people in the lounge to around 35, it never feels crowded—but that's enough about the indoor space. The real reason to come to Overstory is the huge outdoor terrace, which wraps all the way around in an uninterrupted circle and has a surprising number of tables and chairs. The views will give you an “I actually get to live here” feeling, and the stupid amount of rent you have to pay might (temporarily) seem not that bad.

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photo credit: Kenny Yang

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