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Osteria Morini

Pasta in SoHo


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Hours: SATURDAY11:30AM to 12:00AM
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Osteria Morini is an excellent Italian restaurant, and it’s more our speed than any of Michael White’s uptown joints. We’ve been fans ever since this place opened in the early days of The Infatuation, But unfortunately, over time, the restaurant has become incredibly crowded, in the sense that they might have even squeezed a few tables into the bathroom. The crowd has also become awfully bridge and tunnel, and there are too many other great Italian restaurants in this town for us to highly recommend it. Keep in on your list for an upscale meal with a big group, when you can land a bigger table with some more elbow room. It’s also great for an early evening drink and bite at the bar.

Food Rundown

Cured Sliced Meats

We sampled a little bit of everything: prosciutto di Parma, salami, mortadella, sopressata, and more. It’s all awesome. But you know that.

Osteria Morini review image

Tortelli Della Nonna

Absolutely ridiculous. These plump, braised beef-filled tortelli will rival any meat-filled pasta you’ll ever put in your mouth. God are these things good.

Osteria Morini review image


Super-sized yellow and green elbow macaroni in a creamy pork sausage and tomato sauce. We like it.

Osteria Morini review image


Soft, spectacular ricotta dumplings in a pomodoro sauce. Not the best thing on the menu, but up there towards the top.

Osteria Morini review image

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