Ornithology Jazz Club

Bushwick has its own jazz club now, one that evokes genuine Village hey-day vibes and exclusively serves vegan food. We’re guilty of referring to this place as “the vegan jazz club” just to poke fun at the Bushwick of it all, but we’re actually really into this venue.

Ornithology is owned by the people behind Smalls in the West Village, but it feels more low-key and community-oriented. There’s live jazz every night with no cover, and they also host comedy shows and flea markets. Grab one of the stray, mismatched stools or chairs in front of the “stage” (which is actually just a collection of rugs), and eat some vegan food while you take in a show. The menu might have chana masala one night, and fried tofu rice bowls the next. There’s also a second floor with games where you can still hear the jazz rising through the floorboards, in addition to a great rooftop where musicians perform in warmer weather. 

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