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Om is an Upper East Side delivery and takeout staple, situated on a beautiful stretch of the Second Avenue subway construction, or what we like to call “The Highline of Economic Downturn.” How any business survives amidst this mess is a complete mystery. But Om is certainly surviving - because Om is f*cking awesome.

It might surprise you that we had this restaurant on our Hit List ahead of the many more well known Curry Hill or East Village Indian spots, but we did because friends of ours who live nearby absolutely swear by it. And since taking their recommendation, we’ve been back to Om a lot. We really can’t get enough of this place. The food is authentic, light, and incredibly good. It’s also very reasonably priced, with most dishes coming in at under $15. The chicken curry here is one of the best in this city, and we’ve also become addicted to the Bhindi Masala (an okra dish) and Vegetable Biryani.

Ultimately, you really can’t go wrong no matter what you order at Om, but we do recommend that you order from a table in the restaurant as opposed to a seat on your couch. Om definitely delivers well, but you should let this place put its best foot forward and have dinner on site. Plus, you and your couch could probably use some time apart.

Food Rundown


The naan at Om is excellent, and should obviously be on your table. Enough said.


Simple and delicious samosa with the traditional potato and green pea filling, and not the slightest hint of greasiness. Order some.

Chicken Curry

An excellent curry dish, thanks to really well balanced spices and tender cubes of chicken. Again, this dish is lighter than you might think. All of the food at Om just feels clean.

Bhindi Masala

This is basically fresh okra in a bunch of Indian spices. As long as you’re down with okra, you want to eat this. Even if you aren’t down with okra, you probably want to eat this. So good.

Delhi Masal Daal

An excellent yellow lentil dish with herbs and spices. File under, Perfect For: Vegetarians.

Seek Kabab

We love lamb, and we love meat on a stick. This is both of those things.

Vegetable Biryani

There are a few biryani options on the Om menu, but we like the vegetable one because it frees us up to over-order on the meat dishes from other parts of the menu. But you do whatever you need to do.