Old Xi’an Delicacy

This FiDi spot has a Northwestern Chinese menu that’s almost identical to the one at Xi’an Famous Foods, and the food here is just as good. The human sitting behind the counter will point you to a kiosk to place your order, and this electronic ordering makes it easier to customize things like spice level and ingredients. For the most part, you pick cumin lamb, spicy beef, stewed pork, or cumin chicken and specify whether you want it in a burger, over rice, stir fried with noodles, or in a noodle soup. You can get thin rice noodles, but we always opt for the thick flat noodles stir fried with cumin lamb or the cold noodles with tofu skin. They also have a variety of “mini appetizers” like steamed pork buns and kelp salad (all $3.50), which are useful for when you want to try a few different things in small portions.

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