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119 1st Ave, New York
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Oiji is the kind of place that will have you thinking about what to drink that will pair well with your meal, not because you are a wine snob, but because the food here is so interesting and delicate and carefully prepared that an OB would seem inadequate for the occasion. Like wearing a dress shirt to work with “business shorts.” Nobody’s going to say anything to you, but you know deep down it’s not right.

I think the thing that impresses us most about Oiji is the fact that it feels so unique. We have been absolutely floored by how good a few particular items from this menu are, ranging from a piece of smoked mackerel that you brush citrus soy onto with a tiny pine needle brush to an excellent and simple plate of fried chicken. It’s an upscale East Village experience, and even though the room is tiny and cramped, you get the feeling that you’re going to have a special meal from the moment you sit down.

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Food Rundown

Oiji review image

“Chil-jeol-pan” Seven Flavors

A plate of tiny crepes, served with an assortment of things to put inside them. A good way to feel like a creative, hungry, giant. Start your meal here.

Oiji review image

Beef Tartare

Pretty. Delicious. Pretty delicious.

Oiji review image

Fried Chicken With Spicy Soy Vinaigrette

A true “holy sht” moment. Those moments don’t come around often, but when they do, we talk about them, and we’ve been talking a lot about this fried chicken. Served in a pool of the best citrusy spicy sauce we can remember eating, the chicken is sliced into thin strips and has an excellent light but crunchy exterior. An absolute must order.

Oiji review image

“Jang-Jo-Rim” With Buttered Rice & Soft Boiled Egg

A hot bowl of rice, egg, and beef that’s been boiled in soy sauce. Simple, filling, and delicious, though less interesting and exciting than most of the other things on this menu. Get it, but surround it on the table with more adventurous plates.

Oiji review image

Pine Leaves Smoked Mackerel

Sort of like the black miso cod from Japanese fusion restaurants, but much more delicate, and this one comes with a tiny pine needle brush so that you can paint some citrus soy onto your fish. Any plate of food that comes with its own tool, we are fans of.

Oiji review image

Slow Cooked Oxtail With Root Vegetables

This is probably not the dish to order on the summer’s hottest day, but it is absolutely the thing to order any and every day in February. A bowl of hearty oxtail that falls off the bone and will make you stronger. Very good.

Honey Butter Chips

A bowl of Honey Butter Chips constitutes the entire dessert menu at Oiji. These things are quite popular, both at here at the restaurant and in Korea, we’re told. They’re basically just very sweet potato chips, so yeah, we get it.

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