Noz Market

Noz Market is the second UES operation by Sushi Noz, one of NYC's highest–rated omakases. Dinner at Sushi Noz will set you back $495, but Noz Market is right next door with a lower-priced omakase option, as well as a walk-in, standing-room-only handroll bar up front. You’ll get the same high-quality fish (toro, Hokkaido scallop, etc.) no matter where you are, but we’re partial to the handroll bar. Casually dropping in for a couple high-end temaki—which range from $8-$25, with sets available—feels like adding a scoop of caviar on top of your day. That said, if you do want a full dinner, the omakase is the better deal of the two. For $145, you can actually sit down to eat your 10 pieces of sushi, in a peaceful wooden room where we’d do our morning meditations with or without toro in the vicinity.

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