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Perfect For:Date Night

Here is the deal with Naya - the food is very good. People are friendly, the prices are fairly reasonable, and it’s a good option for a meal on this not-so-desirable stretch of Second Avenue. But the layout and design of the restaurant isn't comfortable or built to impress. So stop by for a casual dinner when you're really in the mood for Lebanese food, and not much else.

Food Rundown


A large serving of excellent hummus. Clearly this needs to be on the table.


If you’ve never had labne, it’s essentially strained yogurt with some herbs, but is another condiment that you should order to eat with any and all meats that are in front of you

Fried Kibbe

Large balls of fried meat with pine nuts, allspice, and more meat inside. These are tasty, and most likely, very unhealthy.


Little Jimmy Dean sausages made of lamb served in a bowl. These are decent, but we didn’t really need to have more than one or two. I think there were twenty in the bowl.

Kafta Kebab

An excellent lamb kebab with Lebanese rice and vegetables. Order this.

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