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OK so that isn’t really a photo of Nagomi, but I couldn’t find any real pictures of the restaurant and decided to buy this gem off a stock photo site instead. It was labeled “young attractive couple dating,” which is curious, considering that none of those people look particularly young or attractive. I kind of want my money back.

The lack of any information about a restaurant on the whole of the internet is usually a bad sign – an indication that the place is either closed or hiding their existence from the IRS. Neither of those things appear to be true for Nagomi. This is a non-descript sushi restaurant on Prince Street that can be summed with one new tag on this website: Perfect For When You Can’t Get In to Blue Ribbon Sushi. You won’t typically find us writing up a standard neighborhood sushi joint – everyone has a favorite takeout spot on their speed dial. But this place is actually pretty damn good, and can serve as a stand-in for the high-end places in a pinch. We rolled in on a night when Blue Ribbon was rocking a ninety minute wait and were impressed with everything we ate. You won’t get the same atmosphere or trademark kitchen dishes some of the other more well known places around here offer, but you also won’t get hit with the same price tag at the end. More money for giant Sapporos.

Food Rundown:

Kampachi and Jalapeño
We will never get sick of the marriage of any kind of sashimi with jalapeño. This one is a hot looking plate of amber jack with a slice of pepper and what appeared to be a touch of white cheese. It's excellent and should be ordered.

This is fluke sashimi in ponzu, and it's tasty. This and the Kampachi make for a nice duo on the table.

Shrimp Gyoza
The dumplings at Nagomi are off the chain. These shrimp ones are particularly good, and they're big.

Spicy Scallop Hand Roll
This has become a standard order at sushi restaurants for me, and is now an important measure by which I judge them. The spicy sauce on this one was very good, but the scallops are a little too big for the cone and kept falling out. This frustrated me.

Rolls & Sashimi
We were impressed by anything with yellowtail or amber jack, and even a standard tuna avocado roll was better than we expected it to be. Uni was serviceable, but we probably wouldn't order it again, and the eel was excellent.

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