This chocolate mousse bar resembles a chic ice cream parlor, only the tubs are filled with amazingly rich and fluffy mousse rather than a bunch of science experiment-style ice cream flavors. Options range from the traditional (chocolate, hazelnut, white chocolate) to the less traditional (passion fruit, matcha) to the seasonal (pumpkin spice with dulce de leche and speculoos crumbs). And because top-quality Belgian chocolate is the star ingredient here, the hot chocolate, topped with whipped cream, is also a good thing to add on when temperatures start to dip.

Food Rundown

Dark Chocolate Mousse

Light and fluffy but also deeply chocolatey, this mousse whipped with silky smooth Belgian chocolate will satisfy even the most insatiable cacao cravings. A three-ounce cup, the smallest serving, should do. The golden plastic spoon that comes with your mousse is a fun, fancy touch.

Pao De Queijo

This traditional Brazilian snack—small, soft balls of cheesy goodness—is best eaten when fresh, so you might as well grab a seat and eat the whole order in the shop. Each comes with six of the puffy, round breads.

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