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Mister Dips


111 N 12th St, Brooklyn
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Blink, and this city changes. Bodegas turn into matcha shops. Vacant lots become condos. Laundromats make way for boutique pie stores until everyone eats too much boutique pie and the spaces become CrossFit studios.

Which brings us to the William Vale Hotel. It’s in Williamsburg, but it has a rooftop bar worthy of the Meatpacking District and a ground-level restaurant that looks like it was airlifted in from Nolita (with everyone trapped inside). It’s shiny and massive, and pretty soon all of Brooklyn is going to look like this.

And if that upsets you, there’s really nothing we can do about it. Although there’s something that might take the edge off. It’s in a trailer in a grassy park directly beneath the William Vale, and it comes with an 80’s soundtrack that makes you want to get a perm, put on a leotard, and do some high kicks.

Its name is Mister Dips, and it’s from the same people behind the bar and the restaurant at the William Vale - although it probably cost about half of what those places spent on rugs.

Mister Dips review image

Mr. Dips is just an airstream trailer in a park, and they make the sort of food you want to eat outside in summer. Burgers, fries, ice cream - it’s like Shake Shack, but smaller and more fun. They do waffle fries covered in nacho cheese and soft serve dipped in chocolate. And while their burger isn’t quite as good as the one at the Shack, we could still see ourselves choking on one trying to eat it too fast.

More importantly, however, Mr. Dips is a feel-good place. It’s cheap, the staff is friendly, and they only play music that could have plausibly been on the Top Gun soundtrack. It makes you feel like you’re back in middle school and thinking about bleaching your tips but are unsure what emotional impact this will have on your Tamagotchi.

So if you have kids or you want to feel like a kid, stop by. Walk up to the trailer, place your order, then eat some candy-coated ice cream while you stare at the Manhattan skyline. It’s fun and nostalgic, and, if you don’t look back, you might even forget for a second that you’re standing in the shadow of a fancy new hotel that makes your apartment look like Oscar the Grouch’s second-best trash can.

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Food Rundown

Mister Dips review image

photo credit: Noah Devereaux

Double Dip

Mister Dips doesn’t do lettuce, tomato, or onion. If you need those things, bring your own in a little ziplock bag. Also, get the double dip. It has two patties, and it’s a relative bargain.

Mister Dips review image

Special Dip

If you only eat spicy things, get this burger. We prefer the regular one, but you won’t be mad. Although maybe ask them to go easy on the sauce.

Mister Dips review image

Green Label

As far as veggie burgers go, this isn’t a bad one. There’s something in here that makes it just a little bit sweet, which sounds gross but isn’t.

Mister Dips review image

Dirty Dipped Waffle Fries

These are waffle fries covered in the same “cheese” they use at movie theaters. They’re good in a way that makes you feel kind of sleazy, and if you’re committed to the nostalgia thing, go for it. Or maybe just get the plain ones.

Mister Dips review image

Ice Cream

Burger, fries, ice cream. If you go to Mister Dips, you have to get all three. They’ll have a few different types of cones when you go, and you really can’t go wrong.

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