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Back in 2012, the team behind the much loved Mile End Delicatessen in Brooklyn decided they had a new idea - a sandwich shop.

On the surface, this seemed to be pretty sound logic. Mile End had by that time become well known for their excellent Smoked Meat Sandwich and for their ability to get creative with the traditional deli classics. Plus, everybody loves a sandwich - even Canadians. But there were a few curious...miscalculations...from the outset, including the fact that Mile End Sandwich initially had no chairs in the restaurant (not one), and that opening a sandwich shop on the most expensive residential block in Manhattan might not be what one would call a get rich quick scheme. We could also never figure out why they didn't just stay open late and serve epic drunk food to all the kids swarming around Phebes at 1am on a Saturday. Actually, I just read that sentence again. F*ck that, let those sloppy heathens eat Papaya King.

Whatever the reason, Mile End Sandwich has since re-jiggered some things, and is now simply a NoHo version of the Boerum Hill location, with a few additions, and yes, some chairs. Black Seed Bagels are now available every morning, there's a larger menu of delicious Canadian deli inventions (see, poutine), and a few of the best sandwiches from this restaurant's original incarnation also remain.

Pretty much everything you can get your mouth on at Mile End Noho is going to be good, and we're glad that they fixed some things with the sandwich concept and ended up where they did. Our favorite move is to hit this location for a late Friday lunch, which inevitably includes some poutine and a few beers. To that end, we do have one suggestion that would greatly improve our experience on those visits. Forget the chairs, can we get a few cots up in here? I need a nap.

Food Rundown


Our favorite Black Seed breakfast option here, this is simply a bagel with whitefish, parsley salad, and lemon. So good.

Classic Breakfast

Eggs, smoked meat, latkes, repeat. This should be on your list of things to eat before you do something awesome today.

Smoked Meat

The signature sandwich from the original Mile End. This is a big pile of perfect smoked meat on two relatively small pieces of rye with some mustard. It's something you should eat once, but we actually think there are way better sandwiches to be had on this menu.

Smoked Meat Burger

A giant burger made from smoked meat, topped with a fried egg, and sitting on an onion roll. Your mouth definitely wants this, but your body definitely does not. Mouth wins every time.


Smoked turkey with turkey rillettes, pickles, and mustard on rye. I don't know what your grandpa used to eat, but mine sure as hell didn't eat turkey rillettes. Mine ate bear meat and fish that he caught with his hands. But that probably wouldn't make a very good fancy sandwich. The turkey on here is excellent, and the turkey rillette spread is good too, but I thought there was just a bit too much of it.


This may be the only culinary contribution that Canada is known for, which single-handedly makes it OK for Canada to exist. In case you're unfamiliar, this is a pile of french fries with meat and cheese curd interspersed, all of which is then covered in gravy. You probably shouldn't tell people you eat this.

Chicken & Matzo Ball Soup

Everything you want it to be. Your Jewish grandmother in Montreal would be proud.

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