Mile End

Welcome to the greatest Jewish thing to come out of Canada since Rick Moranis. Mile End is a Jewish delicatessen in Boerum Hill named for and modeled after the gentrified Montreal neighborhood by the same name, which has a strong Jewish population and apparently some killer Jewish food.

Here in Brooklyn, this place has become the topic of often-heated discourse and debate. As you can imagine, when it comes to a Jewish deli in this city, there is no shortage of opinions. Some say Mile End is too hipster, some say it’s too expensive, some say it’s too crowded, and yet at the same time many say it’s the greatest place ever. We’ve heard it all.

Here’s what I can tell you: I don’t care what anyone says, this is great food. Everything at Mile End is made with top notch ingredients and is meticulously prepared. The staff behind the small kitchen counter care about every plate that goes out the door, so regardless of whether it’s the kind of bagel you’re used to or not, someone put a lot of effort into making it awesome. From our perspective, If you like smoked meats and things with “hash” in the name, this is a place you need to visit. We don’t want to hear any complaining about waiting for a table, or hipsters, or how you can get a pastrami sandwich for four dollars on the Upper West Side. This is Brooklyn, and this place is turning out quality sh*t. Grab a Stumptown coffee from the window while you wait, and if you really can’t muster up the patience for a good meal, keep it movin’. More meat for the rest of us.

Food Rundown

Smoked Meat

A simple yet amazing platter or sandwich (your call) of smoked brisket. We recommend going the sandwich route, which is a huge seven-ounce pile of perfect meat on two relatively small pieces of rye. Mustard is applied beforehand, but there is plenty at the table if you’re looking for more. Note that no smoked meats are served until after noon, but show up before then to beat the crowds and order this halfway through your meal. Just make sure to plan the first half of brunch accordingly.

Smoked Meat Hash

Some of that tasty smoked brisket is present here amongst potatoes, onions, and a beautiful fried egg. It’s a hefty plate, and it’s excellent.

The Mont Royale

A crispy potato latke with chives, stacked up with lox and crème fraîche. When we ordered, I thought this would be something light for the table. I was wrong. This is still salty and somewhat heavy, but the lox are delicious and the crème fraîche cuts the sodium a bit.


In case you’re unfamiliar, this is a pile of french fries with meat and cheese curd interspersed, all of which is then covered in gravy. You probably shouldn’t tell people you eat this.

Cheese Bagelach

I had no idea what this thing was, but it looked incredible so we ordered one at the register on our way out. Best decision ever. This is a horseshoe shaped pastry, much like a cheese danish but lighter. On this day, it came topped with an incredible blueberry compote and crème fraîche. We stood in a circle and ate it on the street. My Sunday was better than yours.

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