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Mighty Quinn's Barbecue

Did someone say Brontosaurus Rib? On a menu in NYC? You now have our undivided attention. As we're all well aware, barbecue isn't a game we play on home ice here in New York (hockey reference?). It's not native to this land, and try as we may, there are only a few smoked meats in this town that can hang with the good stuff south of the Mason Dixon line. Mighty Quinn's is one of them.

Mighty Quinn's got their start at Smorgasburg. A former drummer from Houston was smoking meat in Pennsylvania and driving it in to Brooklyn every weekend. Soon people started lining up for it. What started as a personal obsession for pit master Hugh Mangum suddenly became the obsession of pretty much everyone in Brooklyn. Mighty Quinn's would sell out of food every weekend, and quickly became the most popular vendor at Smorgasburg. Now, having fine tuned their craft as a pop-up, Mangum and his business partners have unleashed their Texas meets Carolina "Texalina" meats on the East Village. Get f*cking excited. Because Mighty Quinn's first brick-and-mortar home is the real deal.

The reason you should be so excited is that the food at Mighty Quinn's is most definitely not the "good by New York standards" kind of BBQ that you'll find in so many other places. This is legitimately bad ass BBQ that you could just as easily be eating under blue skies in cowboy boots and a pair of Wranglers. Mighty Quinn's meats are so juicy and tender they sweat beautiful little fat droplets, and it's so smoky and flavorful that no sauce is necessary. The sides are great, and the good selection of craft beer and simple design and layout of the restaurant make this place highly conducive to stress free, unrestrained BBQ smashing. Mighty Quinn's may have only opened a few weeks ago, but it's already clicking on all cylinders. There's even a garage door ready to be lifted once the weather turns.

The one downside is that the smoke at Quinn's sure is mighty. I needed to take four showers just to remove the stench of a single meal, so I can only imagine how the people upstairs feel, who are supposedly already complaining about the smell. Hopefully they'll figure out a way to keep them happy, because this place is about to set to the neighborhood on fire (in a good way). Run, don't walk to Quinn's to get your meat sweats on. Just don't rock the suit you're planning on wearing to church the next day.

Food Rundown:

It's a beautiful brisket. If you're lucky, you'll get some of the ends as that's the best part. The moisture of the meat sings in perfect harmony with the simple, yet insanely flavorful salt, pepper, and paprika rub. Did I really just write that? Sorry, I've been reading too many Ruth Reichl Tweets. The bottom line is, this brisket is ridiculous. It's better than Briskettown in Williamsburg, which we'll be weighing in on soon.

Pulled Pork
Possibly the best thing on the menu, and that's saying a lot. Again, it's the perfect storm of meat flavor, meat texture, and meat love, which make Mighty Quinn's meats a pleasure to eat. The dark, thick bark at the top is the best part. Make sure that crispy layer mixes in with the softer pork to get an awesome texture contrast.

Pulled Pork Sandwich
Everything that's great about the pulled pork, but on a soft brioche bun. You win.

Brontosaurus Rib
Beef ribs in New York generally suck. They usually have too much rub on them, and require an awful amount of much work for an unsatisfying amount of meat. Not at Mighty Quinn's. There is no question in my mind that this is the single best beef rib that's ever crossed the George Washington Bridge. It's literally a monster short rib, with fatty, mouth watering meat falling off the bone, begging to chomped on like a hyena on a zebra. Get your Fred Flintstone on and drop $23 on one of these suckers. You won't regret it.

Spare Ribs
You know a rib is good when it doesn't need any sauce. This is one of those rare pork ribs. Not as good as the beef rib, but good enough to go back for seconds.

Pickled Red Onions, Cucumbers, Chiles
We love all things pickled, so clearly we loved this. Bonus points for how nice the colors look on our Instagram. Did I say Ruth Reichl? Just kidding. I'm turning into Ina Garten.

Burnt End Baked Beans
These are incredible. Order some.

Edamame & Sweet Pea Salad
A different and refreshing way to get some greens in the mix. Maybe you'll only have to run five miles tomorrow instead of six.

Sweet Potato Casserole with Maple & Pecans*
For some reason they put a "*" next this so all the vegetarians who are dining at a BBQ restaurant know they can eat this safely. What the f*ck is a vegetarian doing in this place? Enjoy your casserole hippie.

Very solid. Not too much mayo and lots of vinegar. Just the way we like it.

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