This Restaurant is Permanently Closed

Take a look at our La Bottega review, and you'll see a great example of a restaurant that is surprisingly better than it probably needs to be just due to location and the strength of the space. Unfortunately, Matsuri has no such surprises in store. Matsuri is the other restaurant housed in the Maritime Hotel, and exists as another extremely well done room and a great place to hang out. A few years ago when the restaurant opened, it was the only one of its kind; a huge, awe inspiring space that had people happily lining up to spend an evening at a sceney restaurant eating average sushi. That was all well and good until Buddakan opened its doors right across the street and lured away all those "see and be seen" types. These days, Matsuri still does respectable business, but it's really more of a place to bring your out of town cousins and impress them with a big city restaurant. Unfortunately for Matsuri, the competition across the street offers the same with better food.

Food Rundown:

Shishito Peppers
We love these flavorful green bite sized peppers, and they're pretty much the same wherever you go, so order them. They say one in every ten is spicy, but I think it's closer to one of fifteen. At any rate, they're tasty.

This is essentially Matsuri's take on Nobu's famous yellowtail jalapeño dish. This comes with a spicy yuzu green pepper sauce rather than the jalapeño. Not bad, but not as good as the original.

Fluke Uzuzukuki
Another typically upscale sushi restaurant find, this fluke is very well done and the ponzu sauce it comes with is delicious. One of the better options on the menu.

Kobe Tataki
Quickly seared and thinly sliced Kobe beef in a tangy mustard and vinegar sauce. It's a shame I can't just back a truck up to my mouth and dump this in. Every time I eat at Matsuri, this is the one thing I wish we had ordered more of.

Sake Black Cod
If you've had the miso cod at other restaurants, you know the score with this one. This is a bit different, but still salty and flavorful. Not bad, but not the top of the heap when it comes to this style preparation.

The hamachi sushi/sashimi at Matsuri is phenomenal. Otherwise, much of the selection here is average and a bit pricey, though still serviceable. Spicy tuna hand rolls are also good.

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