Masquerade is a new Brooklyn bar where you'll find underground DJs and your typical Williamsburg crowd wearing short fringes and dirty white sneakers. But the Iranian cocktails and food bring something truly new to the neighborhood. They currently have a short menu of mezze like hot-pink mast-o-laboo and creamy kashk o bademjoon, which comes with sangak bread from beloved New Jersey Persian bakery Gandom. We especially love the small mound of crispy tahchin and its yolky, custard-like inside. The cocktails successfully incorporate the Iranian-inspired ingredients—like saffron, cardamom, tamarind, and pomegranate—but good cocktails are easier to come by in this city than Persian food, which is why we wish this was more of a full-scale restaurant. Masquerade instagram’s been teasing new specials like a sosis bandari with beef or vegan sausage, so we might just get our wish.

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