Marufuku Ramen

The East Coast outpost of this popular San Francisco ramen shop is one of the better options for a quick bowl of noodles in the East Village. Tonkatsu ramen is their speciality, and the pork broth here is some of the richest, creamiest we’ve had. The Hakata Tonkatsu DX version comes with not one but two kinds of pork belly, both meltingly tender and deeply spiced, as well as corn, nori, and a very perfect soft-boiled seasoned egg. The noodles are of the thin variety, and they have a pleasantly chewy texture. No matter which broth you choose—they also have chicken, vegetable, and miso-based options—you can pick your preferred spice level. The space is fairly nondescript, with a long bar that’s ideal for solo dining and a larger room with tables in the back. That’s fine, though, because you won’t want to focus on anything other than the steaming bowl of noodles in front of you.

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