Lure Fishbar

Lure has been a Soho fixture since it opened in 2004. It's in a subterranean room designed to look like a really nice boat, and it's where you go to enjoy a scene and eat pricey yet more-than-competent sushi alongside an unreasonably good burger.

Lure serves many functions: It’s where a certain button-downs-and-shiny-shoes crowd goes for dinner before hitting the club on a Saturday night, and it's where downtown suits head for a business-class lunch. It’s also a great place to go when someone else is paying, and it’s the spot where locals hang at the bar for oysters and a burger. It’s quite the scene, and it's still one of the best People Watching restaurants in New York City. No one really talks about Lure as a hot spot anymore, but business appears to better than ever.

Much of Lure’s menu is tried and true, and some of it has even improved with age. You can’t beat the crispy rice with spicy tuna, and the burger alone—with its salty-sweet bacon onion jam—makes this place worth a visit. You can go steak, you can go fish, you can go raw bar, or you can just come to drink. The bottom line is: You'll spend around $80 per person for a full dinner, and you'll probably leave happy.

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