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Luksus at Tørst

The fact that Greenpoint is suddenly a desirable place to live and a legit culinary destination speaks volumes as to the current state of NYC. There must be absolutely zero affordable real estate left anywhere else with a faint view of the Manhattan skyline. The only BK location harder to get to via public transport from Manhattan is subway-less Red Hook. Hey, at least Greenpoint has the G train, like that's really helping anyone.

Pass the tissues, we need to dry our eyes. It looks like we'll be spending a good deal of time around Greenpoint in the future. Why? Because they now have the single best beer bar we've ever been in, Tørst (pronounced "thirst"), and we want to drink all of their custom, rare and delicious brews, most of which we've never heard of before. More importantly, there's a small restaurant/tasting room in the back called Luksus. Ladies and gentlemen, this is one of the most exciting new restaurants in town.

At Luksus, chef Daniel Burns is pairing high end eats with a beer tasting menu. Genius. An original idea, and one that plays out better than expected. We were blown away by the sheer creativity and deliciousness of everything we ate, as the Nordic inspired cuisine certainly gets cute, but doesn't get lost in translation. It's an $85, five course tasting menu that, compared to the other gazillion course, f*ck you money kinds of tasting meals that are all the rage these day, feels reasonable. Also, reservations are easily attainable, a perk of being out in Greenpoint. The beer tasting is $45 additional, and for those who aren't super beer nerds, we'd suggest ordering one for the table to share. We enjoyed tasting each, and then ordering a la cart beers from the menu. As you can tell, Luksus is all about the beer as they don't serve liquor or wine. Their goal is to prove that beer can pair with food just as well as wine can. Another thing we loved about Luksus is the juxtaposition of it all. You're dining in a beautiful, hidden back lair of refined culinary action, and there are loud, pulsing beats blaring though the sound system. LCD, Matthew Dear, Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs (yes, that's an artist). Clearly, this restaurant isn't for everyone. However, we loved that aspect of it. Don't come here rocking a blazer expecting a prim and proper fine dining experience. Untuck and lose the pretension.

All these fancy real estate developers popping off new development after new development around these parts should be paying team Tørst royalties. Tørst, and Luksus, are a game changer for Greenpoint. And for all of NYC.

Food Rundown


Cippolini Onion & Tomato

First impressions are everything, and after a bowl of calamari-looking, lightly fried onions showed up at our table first, we knew this meal was headed in the right direction. The tomato jam they come with is out of this world. Speaking of first impressions, we’d be remiss not to mention the bread an d butter too. So good.

Chicken Oyster & Cabbage

One of our favorite bites of the night. The chef makes a lettuce cup out of a thin layer of cabbage, layers it with a tasty cream and tops it with thin oysters of chicken. It didn’t look like much, but the flavor combination explodes in your mouth.

Cod Head & Chicken Skin, Rock Shrimp & Rye

Bite sized crostini, some with cod on crunchy chicken skin, others with chunks of shrimp on rye. All are a nice, and all pair deliciously with their custom brewed Mikkeller “It’s Alive” rhubarb flavored beer.

Foie Gras with Silverberry and Malt

Foie Gras cookies? Yes please. These are little malt cookies with an edible flower, topped with shaved foie. We ended up scooping up all the excess shavings with our fingers like animals.

Tasting Menu:

Fluke, Cucumber, Whey

Raw fluke in a crisp cucumber broth topped with a thin, crunchy chip for added texture. We loved everything about this one.

Squash, Turnip, Matsutake, Chestnut

An autumn vegetable medley in an earthy broth. If you’re a mushroom and turnip fan, this is heaven.


This was incredible. One of our favorite entrees we’ve had in a while, with squab, squab heart, dehydrated beets, and pickled beets with a salted plumb smear. The plating was beautiful, the meat was cooked perfectly, and the pickled, dehydrated, salty combinations worked just right.

Peach, Blackberry Cordial

A Peach sorbet, sweet and balanced, with a thick syrup of blackberry underneath it. It’s like a super fancy yogurt without the cup.

Parsnip, Apple, Malt

This was actually the only let down of the meal, and the only item we found to be more style than substance. There was a lack of sweetness to this dish, which was the real reason we weren’t excited about it.

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