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Luke's Lobster Uptown

As you might have recently read (everywhere), we are currently in the midst of a lobster roll boom. It's like 1998 all over again but New York City is Silicon Valley and stupid websites are lobsters. We understand that some of this craze has to do with competitive lobster pricing and a relentlessly growing public obsession with food (God bless you all), but it also feels like Luke's Lobster might have set something off. When Luke and company set up shop in the middle of October 2009, we were intrigued, and inevitably became obsessed with the fact that we could get a fantastic roll in the East Village for fourteen bucks. And we weren't the only ones. Suddenly Luke's was blowing up in the middle of winter and by May, it seemed that everyone in town had a lobster roll lined up for their summer menu.

Something else happened in May. Luke quit his finance job to go full time lobster and opened up a second location on the Upper East Side. The new restaurant is a little bit larger and still cranks out amazing food, this time not to East Village post-grads, but to a mix of UES families, frat dudes, and old timers packed into the place. Business is most definitely booming, and we're inspired. So much so that we've devised a plan to quit our day jobs and start a lobster roll truck loosely based off the Dumb and Dumber shaggin' wag on. See you next summer.

Food Rundown

Lobster Roll

Still in our opinion the best lobster roll in town, and the best value for the money. Eat up. It's even better when chased with a ginger brew.

Clam Chowder

From Hurricane's Soups, one of the several Maine companies that supplies Luke's in various fashions. This is an excellent, silky New England clam chowder with a fine dice of potato and tender clams. Good any time of year.

Lobster Bisque

Another Hurricane's soup, this is rich as hell, full of lobster flavor, and tasty.

Lobster Tracks Ice Cream

I don't know exactly what's in this ice cream, but I'm pretty sure it's not chocolate covered lobster. Vanilla ice cream with some kind of caramel things and fudge. Another Maine company, Gifford's supplies the ice cream to Luke's, and this flavor and the Maine Blueberry are pretty excellent. By the way, we're going to call this right now...the craze of next summer? Artisan ice cream.

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