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Luke's Lobster

Pearl, Ed, Mary, meet Luke. He's come to town to show you what's up. Luke and his lobsters have arrived in New York City, and anyone in town with a lobster roll on the menu is officially on notice. Luke grew up in Maine and the family business is seafood, so he's using his lobster connections to get them cheap and truck them in daily. His mission? Show this city what a lobster roll should be – pure, unadulterated lobster goodness at an affordable price.

Now, we're no stranger to the lobster roll, and honestly, there are some that come chock full of mayo and celery that we love. However, at the end of the day, a fourteen dollar roll of high quality fresh lobster is exactly the kind of thing that gets us fired up, even if it comes in the middle of October. There are definitely going to be some haters out there, and no doubt we're going to get a bunch of emails from some jackass in Boston about how much better some seafood shack in Rockport is, but we don't care. This is about New York City, and we back this place. One last thing to note: crowds are already starting to gather and lines are inevitable, but Luke's Lobster is actually something in the neighborhood worth waiting around for. Artichoke, you are officially on notice too.

Food Rundown

Lobster Roll

Four ounces of lobster on a lightly grilled and buttered bun. There is just enough mayo and butter to intensify the flavor, but the focus is on simplicity and freshness, which is exactly what eating good seafood is all about. You won't find bits of celery or brioche buns anywhere near this place. We could probably put a few of these guys down in one sitting, but we'll try our best to keep things civilized.

Crab Roll

A nice alternative to the lobster roll, the crab roll is also simple and tasty. The snack size rolls are about three bites and are a good way to sample each.

Shrimp Roll

Little shrimps on a roll. This isn't bad, and is a safe bet if lobster or crab isn't your style. Then again, if that's the case, why are you here?

Empress Crab Claws

$5 gets you four medium sized empress crab claws. They're meaty and delicious, and that's a good deal.

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