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We don't know much about the "low country," other than that the term refers to a specific area of coastal South Carolina and Georgia, and that they know how to do some serious cooking down there. Also that any proper gentleman of the region should own several bow-ties, open doors for ladies, and play in a jug band on the weekends.

If you've ever been to Charleston and had a low country boil or a proper shrimp and grits, you know how good and simple this food can be. But this sort of Southern cooking often gets screwed up when a restaurateur in New York decides to take a stab at it. Tipsy Parson, we're looking in you're direction. Thus we had tempered expectations when we walked into Low Country on a recent weeknight.

But we came away very pleasantly surprised at what can best be described as really good Southern bar food. We also liked the fact that, despite the edison bulbs and stacks of vinyl in the room, the place lacks pretense and has the feel of a neighborhood bar with a comfortable dining room and a few TV's up front. Just like you don't often find good Southern food in NYC, you also don't often find a chill place to have a beer and watch a game in the West Village. For that reason alone we probably would have come back to Low Country, but we'll probably come back just to eat the catfish too. That sh*t was amazing.

Food Rundown:

Warm Jonah Crab Dip
This was good, but lets be honest - it's really hard to screw up dip. Houston's built an empire on canned spinach with a side of salsa, so we're reluctant to go raving about this kind of thing.

BBQ Pulled Pork Sliders
Huge pork sliders with a whole bunch of slaw inside. Nobody at our table was complaining.

Fish Tacos
These are fish tacos of the battered and fried variety, and they're big. Inside you'll find a cumin lime slaw and a chipotle crema, so there are some bold flavors present. Tasty and pretty filling.

Cornmeal Dusted Catfish
A perfectly fried piece of catfish with red beans and rice on the plate. The fish was awesome, but the beans and rice absolutely make it. We could have eaten a bucket full of that and called it a day.

Fried Chicken Biscuit
Not as good as we had hoped it might be, and that's Pies 'n' Thighs' fault. After having that chicken biscuit, we're kind of ruined for all others.

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