You can see LouLou from halfway down the block, thanks to the over-the-top, fairy light-covered floral arch that draws a crowd of influencers trying to get the perfect OOTD shot before they even consider the fact that this is also a restaurant that serves food. Most people come here for the highly photogenic cocktails, many of which come in custom glassware shaped like animals. (You’ve probably seen The Bird Drink on your social media feeds.) The setting here is extremely cute, especially in the outdoor cabana, which makes LouLou perfect for phones-eat-first meals or date nights where you want to take a pic of your date in a floral-filled corner of an outdoor hut. The food here is actually pretty good, too. We love the mussels, which are served in a fragrant saffron and garlic sauce that's great for dunking toasted bread. The steak frites here are solid, and at $29, not a bad deal, either. 

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