Lobster Joint

Get off the G at Greenpoint Ave, start walking north, and you'll eventually find this place that looks like it belongs near a beach on Cape Cod. Lobster Joint is a New England-style seafood shack, and it's the neighborhood's premier destination for clam strips, fish and chips, and popcorn shrimp. All of those things are great, but don't forget to eat a lobster roll while you're here. They serve a few different kinds—including your classic New England and Connecticut varieties—and we tend to gravitate toward the Lobster Club Roll. Like the rest of the rolls, it comes on a toasted, undersized bun with a large mound of lobster recklessly spilling over the top, although it also has some crispy bacon and a good amount of avocado. Order one at the counter, along with a Bloody Mary (with lobster) or a Narragansett, and claim a picnic table on the sunny back patio.

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