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Lobster Joint

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Somehow, someway, despite existing for well over a year, Lobster Joint in Greenpoint eluded us. We're idiots. This joint f*cking rules.

Until now, none of NYC's interpretations of the dressed down seafood shack actually led us to believe that we were anywhere near a beach. But even though it isn't exactly located close to marine life (unless you count the East River), Lobster Joint accomplishes this. They may not have a pool or any sand, but we're rocking our bathing suits and flip flops here anyway. The restaurant has a laid back approach that you don't often find in NYC. We love the the order-at-the-counter-and-we'll-bring-out-your-food system which works great with the spacious, open air dining room. There's also a nicely sized, well maintained [perfect_for slug="outdoor-patio-situation"]Outdoor/Patio Situation[/perfect_for] littered with picnic tables and umbrellas. If you're a seafood freak like we are, prepare to be in heaven. If it comes from the sea, they put it on a bun. And you'd be hard pressed to find any joint better suited for summertime [perfect_for slug="day-drinking"]Day Drinking[/perfect_for] than this one. We could hang here all day sucking down beers, fried clam strips, and lobster rolls.

Speaking of lobster rolls. We may be throwing down a high rating on the Lobster Joint based on the overall experience, but when it comes down to straight up roll vs. roll, we still think Luke's is the best. The Joint has them beat everywhere else.

Fried Clam Strips These strips couldn't have been fried any better, and the sheer amount of them was breathtaking. Eight bucks well spent.New England Clam Chowder The chowder here is really good. It's thick and creamy with an ideal clam-to-potato ratio. Definitely order this, but try not to fill up on it. There's too much other goodness to be had.New England Lobster Roll It's true that we'd rather eat Luke's claw meat lobster roll over this one if we had to choose. But The Joint's roll is no slouch. The lobster salad is light on the mayo, with lots of substance.Connecticut Lobster Roll We're usually not fabs of the lobster roll served warm, but LJ's CT roll is where it's at. If we're ordering one item and one item only, it would be this. We loved the simplicity of the toasted bun, warm lobster, and drawn butter.Lobster Club Roll Lobster salad with bacon and avocado? Sign us up. Trust us, it's as good as it looks.Crab Roll The crab roll was the one sandwich we had that we wouldn't order again. The lump crab didn't taste like much. Skip it.Clam Roll This one, however, is awesome. It's exactly the same as the appetizer clam strips, but on a bun this time.Crispy Oyster Roll You can't find a fried oyster roll as simple and delicious as this around NYC. Get it.Lobster Dinner We don't crave a full on lobster experience much when we're in NYC. We need to be out by the beach or somewhere that doesn't smell like hot garbage to get into that mode. If we were to ever need our fix though, this is absolutely where we'd come. $36 gets you a steamed 1 3/4 pound lobster with red potatoes, corn on the cob, coleslaw, and pickles. You don't have to cook it, and you don't have to clean it up. You just have to eat it.

Food Rundown

Lobster Bloody Mary

Get the day drinking started in style. There's a full lobster claw in this bloody mary, and it's incredible.

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