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Liman Restaurant

Liman is a great place in Sheepshead Bay to celebrate a special occasion, entertain out-of-towners, or just escape from city life. The food is Turkish, with a heavy emphasis on seafood, and the energy here is best described as elegant seaside kitsch. Start with an order of cacik, a garlicky yogurt dip with cucumbers and lots of dill, and the ezme salad - you’ll want to eat the salad and dip with everything. Get the pan-fried fresh anchovies when they’re in season, served in crisp golden slabs alongside a pile of lightly dressed red onion. I also really like Liman’s calamari, which is fried in a tempura-like batter and comes with a creamy dipping sauce, a pleasant diversion from the marinara you’ll find at the Italian spots in the neighborhood. Those who don’t love seafood will still find plenty to eat here, including a kebab platter where the real star is the rice pilaf. Come early and try to snag an outdoor table overlooking the water, and call ahead if you’re coming with a big party.

Carina Finn

Liman Restaurant review image

Food Rundown

Turkish Ezme Spread

This should be the first thing you order, since you’ll want to put it on everything else. It’s a diced salad of tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, and onions with walnuts and olive oil.

Pan-Fried Fresh Anchovies

This dish is only available when fresh anchovies are in season, and you should get it if you see it. The serving size is generous, and the anchovies don’t need anything more than a squeeze of lemon.

Whole or Filleted Fish

Liman is perched over the actual Sheepshead Bay, so it’s no surprise that fresh fish is the highlight of the menu. You can get any of the fish on offer served whole or filleted, prepared however you’d like it. Whole and grilled is always a solid choice.

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