Lil Chef Mama

FiDi isn’t exactly the Thai food capitol of NYC. That’s why any good Thai restaurant in this neighborhood is notable. At Lil Chef Mama, which is from the Thai Sliders team, you’ll find salads, curries, and noodles common to a lot of Thai places, but be sure to focus on the house specials. If you like sweet-savory dishes, get the In Honor of the King—a huge omelet filled with chunks of chicken breast topped with peanut sauce. There’s also one slider on the menu, and you should order it every time. It comes stacked high with honey-glazed slices of pork. The huge dining room has kind of a tropical theme, and all the tables are arranged far apart, so this is a great option if personal space is important to you.

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photo credit: Sage Lau (@consageous) and Manil Shah (@linam97)

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