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When was the last time you discovered a new restaurant? Like, really discovered it? Not because you saw it on Instagram, or saw an email about it, or becasuse someone did a tweet or whatever happens on that platform now. I mean saw the name of a place, said to yourself, “what is this cool looking thing?” only to find out that nobody you know had heard of it either?

That’s the way we felt when we first heard about Le Fanfare, and let me tell you - that’s an unfamiliar feeling for a bunch of people who spend all of their time eating in and writing about restaurants. Much like we imagine Chris Christie would feel if he suddenly discovered a new place to do all his yelling.  It all went down like this because of Text Rex, our real time resatauarnt recommendation platform. Some dude in there was asking for a restaurant “like Le Fanfare, but different” and before we wrote him off as a confused tourist, we did some searching. Turns out Le Fanfare is not a basement burlesque show in Paris, but an Italian restaurant in Greenpoint. One that looked really f*cking cool.

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Food Rundown

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Grilled Octopus

Octopus, potatoes, olives. A fairly traditional Mediterranean plate that you’ll be pleased with.

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This is really more of a panzanella (bread salad) with a ball of cheese on top, but we’re not mad about that. More interesting than just a ball, I suppose.

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These meatballs come in white sauce, which is just a white wine glaze with lemon and parsley on top. They're worth trying.

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Kale Salad

You’re probably going to order this. Don’t fight it.

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We really like this cavatelli. The pasta arrives well cooked, and the sausage is in a sort of “patty form,” which we haven’t seen since the last time we had a hungover breakfast in a diner at 1pm on a Sunday. As a matter of fact, this would be an excellent hangover breakfast pasta.

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Beet Ravioli

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Served with a six minute egg for proper yolk dipping. This is a worthy side if you’re looking for a vegetable.

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Hand made in the restaurant from crust to cream. These are a must order.