La Noxe

First, there were speakeasies. Then there were new-school speakeasies. Now, New York City has subway speakeasies—and, surprisingly, they’re actually pretty fun. If you ignore the fact that it’s located in the 1 train’s 28th Street station (with an entrance on street level), La Noxe mostly just feels like a cool, casual lounge. It’s a small, dark room with six barstools and a few tables, and it’s filled with rugs and velvet furniture. The playlist is mellow, the cocktails are interesting, and, with its red lighting and stacks of vinyl, the whole place has a vaguely retro feel. If you can snag a reservation, this is a great spot for a low-key drink with a couple of friends. After 10:30pm, the place turns into a walk-in-only party, so stop by then if you want to dance.

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