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King Noodle

Perfect For: Late Night Eats

King Noodle

Perfect For: Late Night Eats

Remember when spending half your time on the couch, eating pizza and watching Dazed And Confused was reality? Yeah, we miss college too.

Judging by what's going on at King Noodle, Nick Subic was probably the most popular guy on campus, wherever he went to school. King Noodle's chef and owner has mastered the art of stoner food. Asian-style carbonara with Doritos in it? We have officially reached the point of no return.

Also on the menu at King Noodle, you'll find absurd things like Spam Fried Rice and Ma Po Tofu Chili Cheese Fries, all of which taste way better than you might expect. There are neon lights, appropriate psychedelic beats, and a lineup of impressive tiki-inspired cocktails, some of which are literally on fire.

For those who don't take themselves too seriously, this place is a really good time. Aside from the fact that that everything is delicious, what really impressed us was the service. Usually at these hipster Brooklyn spots, service is a joke. But at King Noodle, they take their ridiculousness very seriously. It's an incredibly hospitable place. And it better be. We like to be treated well while we eat our Doritos.

Food Rundown

Sautéed Chinese Broccoli

Broccoli in some spicy sauce. Nothing to be mad at. You could use some greens on the table.

Spicy Wings

Crispy outside, and slathered in some kind of awesome chili paste spicy sauce. We'd surely order these again.

Ma Po Tofu Chili Cheese Fries

We have died and gone to stoner heaven. When I say these are good, that is an unprecedented understatement. These may be the best loaded frieds we've ever had, topped with pork, tofu, and chili cheese. Hopefully they'll be a permanent special, because if you go there and can't order these, it's going to be a massive buzzkill.

Kimchee Carbonara with Bacon and Doritos

The big ticket. This is the dish that everyone is talking about. Why? Because it has f*cking Doritos in it. You have to be a special breed of munchies loving chef-human to add Doritos to a dish, especially one you're planning on selling at a restaurant in New York City. You know the what though? It works. Is it a true carbonara? No. Is there any kimchee in it? We couldn't taste any. However, the Doritos provide an excellent cheesy crunch. This dish is a home run, but may definitely kill you if you eat too much.

Green Curry Flat Noodles with Bamboo

More noodles. This time with a light green curry and bamboo. We thoroughly enjoyed this one too, but compared to some of the other things our heads nearly exploded from, didn't have room for that much excitement here.

Spam Fried Rice

Spam fried rice? More like crack fried rice.

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