Kashkaval Garden

Kashkaval Garden is a very comfortable Hell’s Kitchen restaurant, and for that we credit its neighborhood feel, and also its fondue. This is a Mediterranean small plates spot on 9th Avenue where you can share wine, Turkish flatbreads, and skewered meats. The other thing you should know about Kashkaval is that there’s a fondue list that comes in five variations, with the option to order fondue for multiple people or just one.

In the front of the restaurant, there’s a nice bar and a few tables, but the back room is where you should try to sit with a date or a small group: it’s brick-walled, has big windows, and is generally quiet, but without being too romantic for let’s say, a third or fourth date. If you spend time in Hell’s Kitchen (or often appease your uptown friends by meeting them halfway), Kashkaval is a great option for dinners where you’ll leave feeling full (even after sharing small plates).

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