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Hunt And Fish Club

Are you familiar with the look in a stranger's eye when they’re scoping you so hard, that you can’t figure out whether they want to kill you or have sex with you? It happens on the subway sometimes, occasionally on the street, often inside bars and clubs, or every once in a while, at a "restaurant" like Hunt And Fish Club. People are on the prowl here. It's a super sparkly, well-marbled, mostly mirrored fun factory and it's all the rage with the suit-wearing, big money, no taste types.

Hunt And Fish Club is easy to hate on. It's the $5 million restaurant project of a couple of incredibly well-connected and deep-pocketed hedge fund bros whose idea of restaurant hotness involves trotting out D-list celebs like the Mob Wives, Mario Lopez, and Steve "Bobby Bacala" Schirripa. What has that guy done besides go to Knicks games and eat steak since the Sopranos ended? All this, to attract the attention of the New York Post who christened Hunt And Fish Club with the headline: "Where Beauties Trawl For Sugar Daddies" and contained this gem of quote "If girls want to meet some men," said {a Mob Wife}, sporting peep-toe boots by Jessica Simpson, "this is where you meet them." Yikes on so many levels. Also, nice use of "trawl."

Within two minutes of walking into Hunt And Fish Club, all of our expectations had been met. Everything (aka that one NY Post article) we had read about this place was exactly on point. There was a naked woman mounting a horse on the wall, a clothed woman mounting a man at the bar, while the club was set a-buzz with over-stimulated humanity, hungry for way more than steak, just as I pictured it. Speaking of steak, ours was average. But steak is not why you're coming here. Neither is seafood salad that had to be sent back, truffle tots which had no truffle in them, or any kind of EEEEEATS you actually digest. You're coming here to impress a client who is easily impressed. You're coming here to speed date with the older-demo happy hour crew. You're coming here to do some high quality People Watching, and potentially mix it up with a stranger. If you want to eat steak too, that's your prerogative. We're just here to try and catch a glimpse of Darryl Strawberry.

Food Rundown

Tuna Tartare

The best thing we ate here. A nice combo of fresh tuna with caramelized pineapple, mushy avocado, and crunchy potato things. Nice balance. Nice flavors. Nice texture.

Oxtail & Bone Marrow French Onion Soup

It sounded all fancy, but tasted just like regular old French onion soup, which isn't a bad thing.

Owner's Choice Seafood Salad

Quite possibly the saltiest, and most inedible dish we've ever eaten in Manhattan. To the restaurant's credit, they noticed we hadn't touched it, asked us what was wrong, removed it from the table immediately, didn't charge us for it, and brought out a free replacement dish, all on their own accord. That's impressive hospitality right there, and we respect that, we're still just confused as to how a salad of lobster, Alaskan king crab, jumbo shrimp, scallops, and squid can turn out so poorly.

Tsar Imperial Ossetra

This is the $120 caviar service. We obviously didn't order this, we just felt like it should be in the food rundown so you know it exists just in case the spirit moves you. We're done here.

Dry Aged Bone-In Ribeye

Under salted and under seasoned, but still a massive, generally enjoyable hulking slab of cow.

Cavatelli Wild Boar Ragù

A more than serviceable bowl of starchy, meaty goodness. We'd order this again.

Bourbon Braised Beef Short Ribs

We had high hopes for the short rib, considering it came with sides that sounded delicious - horseradish and mustard smashed potatoes with crispy shallots. But you can't save underseasoned, overcooked short ribs.

Truffle Tater Tots

We like tots a lot, but we couldn't taste any truffle in these taters. Still, pretty solid. Not worth $14 solid though.

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