Hu Kitchen

Perfect For: Keeping It Kind Of Healthy Quick Eats Serious Take-Out Operation Vegetarians

We know you might have rolled your eyes before you even clicked to read this review. That's okay. You're wrong. Yes, Hu Kitchen is the entirely gluten-free health haven famous for feeding every yoga instructor on the island of Manhattan, but guess what: the food is good. You just have to go in with the right expectations.

Considering we eat like pigs on the weekend (see, eating pigs), it's nice to have a meal during the week that doesn't feel like it's inching us slowly closer to heart disease. Hu Kitchen is an occasional stop that serves that purpose, and we're generally satisfied with the results. However, because the menu is almost entirely gluten free and grain/dairy free, you have to be sure about what you order.

The restaurant itself is no frills: a well put together serve yourself dining hall of shiny metal, and Buddhist encouragement written on chalkboards (read, "Nothing is sexier than a face with a vegetable glow.") Okay, maybe not so Buddhist. But you see why girls in Lululemon flock to this place. Prepare for quality produce, inventive takes on meals that are usually loaded with white flour and butter (apparently that's bad for you), a legit juice bar, and a serious takeout operation. Just don't expect the same level of tasty satisfaction that you'd find in a gluten-free Rubirosa pizza. This is "health food," after all.

Food Rundown

Rotisserie Chicken

This baby bird isn't your regular supermarket rotisserie. This one's been brined in coconut water and positive thoughts or something. Whatever it is, the meat falls off the bone and the skin is perfectly salty. It's our personal favorite item on the menu, and we typically take down half a chicken in one sitting.

Chicken Tenders

These healthy fingers are pretty serious. Instead of fried, these have been baked with almond meal and a ton of seasoning instead, and they could easily stand up to any basket of KFC or diner fingers you'd normally dive into. Order them with the BBQ sauce and take some home.

Vegetable Root Mash

If you're into sweet potatoes, you'll be into this. It's basically just some pureed sweet potato stuff that is neither sugary nor cinnamon-y. Get it with the rotisserie chicken as a side. This shouldn't be the centerpiece of your meal.

Grass Fed Meatballs

Order these meatballs over a bowl of quinoa, and inhale a more waistline-friendly version of your typical spaghetti dinner. The beef is quality, and there are some veggies in mix to make them pass the health freak sniff test. Only detractor - the sauce is a little sweet for our liking. Take them home to go and put your own on it if you're a stickler for good gravy.

Bacon Egg and Kale Breakfast Sandwich

If you're looking for something to absorb the vodka sloshing around in your stomach from last night (that was gluten free, right?), the BEK is the way to go. Organic eggs, fresh farm bacon, kale, and sharp cheddar are served on Hu bread, which tastes a bit like a mix between an everything bagel and an English muffin. It's a solid breakfast sandwich, and you won't hate yourself for eating it.

Jordy Cakes

These absolutely do not taste "healthy," whatsoever. A mash of honey, bananas, cinnamon, and cashew cream, these are the perfect thing to wake up to if you're not trying to eat the real deal. And, Postmates delivers them. Hot. Eat them in bed and be pleased with your resourcefulness.

Chicken and Quinoa Soup

Pulled rotisserie chicken, carrots, celery, homemade stock, and quinoa. 9 times out of 10, this stuff is perfect comfort soup for the soul. Every once in a while it can get oily, but any chicken soup made from scratch can weed into that territory. Perfect For: a filling light lunch, warding off the flu.

Hu Chocolate

The Salty Chocolate Bar and the Puffed Quinoa and Almond Bar are both awesome. Hu also has grass fed ice cream, one of the only straight up dairy items on the menu. It's good.

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