Honey Badger

Try to find information on the internet about Honey Badger won’t. Outside of one post on a local blog and a few scant Yelp reviews, there’s very little to be found (until now) on this tiny spot in Prospect-Lefferts Garden. So when we saw via Instagram that they were serving ostrich tartare in an ostrich shell and some other very unusual-looking food, we honestly weren’t even sure if this place was real.

We can report that it is indeed real. A husband and wife cook using a few small plates, there are about four tiny tables, and in addition to the ostrich tartare, they serve stuff like bison sirloin and “hot botanicals” (vegetables, basically). The whole thing feels more like an experiment or art project than a restaurant. The food was just OK, and it’s not that cheap, so we wouldn’t explicitly send you there. That said, we’re glad to see people doing stuff that’s risky and different in a city where every new opening seems to be in a hotel or backed by a huge restaurant group.

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