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Home Restaurant


Amidst a near hurricane recently, we needed a restaurant in a pinch -something within walking distance from a 30th birthday venue in the West Village. We wound up at Home Restaurant, which turned out to be an unfortunate move. You can't make the right call all the time, and while we don't necessarily enjoy trashing a place, we don't want you making the same mistake we did. This was bland, unimpressive, and expensive eating and what's worse -it's a "critics' pick" in NY Mag. We still can't figure what these "critics" are basing their "picks" on. Luckily, you've got us for that now.

We really wanted to like this place. The vibe reminded us of a West Village version of Infatuation favorite Tree - a cozy neighborhood bistro complete with a little garden in the back. We really did like the space, and it's unfortunate that the food and service incited wrath inside of us. Things actually started off strong. A plate of chocolate chip cookies greets you upon entry, and you know how we feel about our cookies. But, it was all downhill from there. The service is slow and apathetic for no reason, and the food was just downright bad. Now we understand why their main claim to fame is homemade ketchup. With so many good restaurants in that area, we're surprised that Home has managed to stay open for ten years. I guess that's what that "critic's pick" buys you.

Black Eyed Pea Chicken Chili
This special appetizer was the saving grace of a bad first round of food and ended up being the best dish we tried all night.Braised Short Ribs
How is it humanly possible to slow cook something for six hours and have it come out tasting like absolutely nothing? This was the most bland, tasteless short rib I’ve ever come into contact with. I can’t believe this is actually served at a restaurant. The only thing that kept us from sending this dish back was the scalloped potatoes accompanying it.Macaroni & Cheese
The main reason we had dinner here is that we were rolling with Infatuation’s resident mac & cheese expert. Home allegedly has an excellent one, and we figured we’d throw him a bone. Sadly, this $18 bowl was nothing special. Our expert ate around all the rubbery hunks of chorizo which would have served the dish better ground up.Molasses Double Cut Pork Chop
Another colossal disaster, this pork chop was terrible. We got through half of it and then gave up all hope of finding any redeeming quality. Much like the short rib, this tasted like absolutely nothing.

Food Rundown

Whole Clam Chowder

Seriously? This is what the waiter recommended on the appetizer menu? Clams, red bliss potatoes and bacon...it all sounded good on paper, but damn was this bad. The broth had already started to coagulate on top by the time it arrived at the table. Must have been sitting around for a while. The potatoes were all severely undercooked and the bacon bits were few and far between. I would have been much happier with my standard lunch chowder from Hale & Hearty.

Crab Cakes

Another suspect appetizer, these small fried crab balls more closely resembled something you’d buy in the grocery store and heat up in the microwave rather than fare from a "critic's pick". Way off Platty Pants.

Onion Rings

These were good, but definitely not amazing. Big, lightly breaded rings that are crispy in some places, soggy in others. The homemade ketchup was a nice touch, but we'd be happier with a better ring and some Heinz.

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