Off the Myrtle Wyckoff L/M train stop in Bushwick, there’s a Vietnamese-inspired all-day cafe and bar where you can choose from three different SEY coffees, take in the lush plants lining the green and white-tiled counter space, and drink out of beautifully handcrafted ceramic cups. Owned by Shriver Tran, who is Vietnamese American, and her partner Jaime Hodgkin, High Low opened during the pandemic and despite the many challenges they’ve faced, it’s here to stay. Their cafe concept continues to evolve, but a mainstay is the influence of Vietnamese flavors in their food and drinks. My favorites are the pandan coconut donut and sparkling lemongrass green tea, both of which are a nod to Tran’s Vietnamese heritage. Also, if you’re into natural wines or beers, head straight to the bookshelves for a wide selection available by the bottle, glass, or can. Outdoor seating is available in the front and backyard every Tuesday to Thursday from 11-9pm, Friday to Saturday from 9-10pm, and Sunday from 9-8pm.