This place serves Armenian comfort food at its finest, and it’s worth doing a little bit of research so you know what you want before you get there. The lula kebab, a regional specialty made from ground meat (you can get chicken or beef, both are very good), is a must-try: get it wrapped in lavash with sliced onions and herbs if you want to eat it on the go, or order it with a side of eggplant for a slightly more substantial meal. Don’t skip the lahmajoun - also known as “Armenian pizza” - a flatbread covered in ground meat, cheese, and a spiced-but-not-spicy tomato sauce. If you see a tray of sweets make its way towards the glass case near the register, get one of whatever has just come out of the oven, whether it’s a flaky cheese-filled pastry or a sticky, cone-shaped Ant Hill Cake.

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