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Hell's Kitchen

Hours:WEDNESDAY12:00AM to 12:00AM
Perfect For:Late Night Eats

As you can imagine, Hell's Kitchen can be a confusing answer to the question, “where should we have dinner?” Both the restaurant and the neighborhood from which it takes its name are a culinary unknown to most that don‘t live in the area. If you live there, chances are you constantly tell your friends about all the great restaurants you know about and yet you still can‘t get anyone to come eat with you. We are admittedly a little in the dark when it comes to Hell's Kitchen neighborhood favorites, but working and seeing shows in the area demands that you have a go-to spot. Our go-to in Hell's Kitchen is, well, Hell's Kitchen.

The casual but hip restaurant is not an attempt at authentic Mexican, but rather an inspired interpretation using Latin flavors and fresh ingredients. Think Rosa Mexicano but far less annoying, and much better entrées. The dinner hours are always crowded and noisy, as a Mexican restaurant should be. Lunch is usually less busy and equally delicious, but Hell's Kitchen is best enjoyed when the eating is accompanied with heavy tequila and beer drinking.

Food Rundown

Guacamole with Ancho Corn Tortillas

This configuration with the ancho tortillas is only served at lunch, but the guacamole is good no matter how it arrives on your plate.

Poached Artichoke Quesadilla

An unexpected and delicious quesadilla with artichokes and sweet corn. A great option for vegetarians.

Grilled Steak Fajitas

Another lunch only dish, but I have seen fajitas and steak tacos on the dinner menu before and they're all tasty. This order of fajitas is a nice size, so you wont be dragging a giant bag back to your office.

Ancho Crusted Tuna & Yucca Cake with Smoky Peanut Sauce

This tuna is spicy and excellent, and the smoky peanut sauce and starchy yucca cake mellow things out a bit.

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