Part Asian grocery store, and part Filipino deli, Harana Market is where you should be stopping for lumpia and creamy tofu sisig or gathering cooking supplies for a big family dinner in the Catskill Mountains. The Woodstock-adjacent shop is run by married couple, Eva Tringali and Christina Mauricio - with Eva operating the front of the store and Christina cooking a rotating menu of Filipino staples based on their lola’s recipes.

Harana Market’s grocery options extend to dessert and beyond. From fresh tofu and farm lettuce to soba packets and bags of Nguyen coffee, you could theoretically do all of your grocery shopping here and be a very happy person with a well-stocked pantry. Even if you’re just looking for a great new bottle of Filipino hot sauce or a pint of ube-Heath bar ice cream made by Saugerties-based company Alleyway, we highly recommend you order something from the kitchen.

Generally speaking, Harana Market serves a meat option and vegetable dish, along with garlic rice and lumpia shanghai on Wednesdays and Thursdays. Friday and Saturdays typically include silog platters with garlic fried rice, refreshing cucumber and tomato salad, a fried egg, and your choice of marinated pork tocino or dry-rub sirloin called tapa, all accompanied by a spicy vinegar sauce that tempers the pure allium power of the garlic fried rice. On Sundays, Christina makes halo halo specials, and dishes based on the weather (they’re hoping to one day serve Filipino ceviche called kilowan and barbecued skewers). In short, you just need to trust them.

Eat your meal in one of the hammocks on their lawn, and you might have a better understanding of what paradise looks like.

Plan A Trip Upstate To Visit This New Filipino Deli & Grocery Store feature image

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Plan A Trip Upstate To Visit This New Filipino Deli & Grocery Store

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