Hana Makgeolli

The country’s only makgeolli producer has a taproom at the tippy top of Greenpoint, and you should change your weekend plans to include drinking Korean rice wine there. Get the makgeolli flight as a 101 crash course into the world of the high-ABV, milky-white drink. The three-glass flight ranges from a clarified and nutty Yakju that’s made from the slightly oxidized liquid at the top of the tanks, to the sediment-heavy and fruity Takju. But for anyone just looking to try one glass, we like the Omija makgeolli best. It’s not distributed elsewhere, has a bright, lactic taste, and you’ll probably see a magnolia berry floating in your glass. Stop by Hana Makgeolli’s airy space with a friend for a several-hour heart-to-heart where you’ll get drunker than you realize. The anju snacking plate full of savory dried fish and crunchy nori should come in handy while you’re considering Citi Biking home.

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