Han Dynasty has as many super fans around NYC as a professional sports team. But unlike some mainstream fanaticisms (or New York sports teams for that matter), Han Dynasty’s Szechuan food is exactly as good as the hype suggests.

The original Han Dynasty started in Philly before opening up a few locations around New York. As much as we’ve enjoyed everything we’ve had here, we typically order the same six-ish things on repeat - mostly because we’d be too sad eating here without them by our side. The dan dan noodles and wontons in chili oil are both essential sharing items. As for mains, we suggest trying the excellent and numbing mapo tofu as well as dry pepper-style chicken draped in chiles.

Stop by Han Dynasty’s 3rd Avenue location for covered outdoor dining or to pick-up a few quart containers of food that will significantly improve your Thursday night.

Food Rundown

Dan Dan Noodles

Dan dan noodles are an absolute must when you visit Han Dynasty. They’re available with or without ground pork on top, and just as delicious in vegetarian-form.

Han Dynasty review image

Wonton In Chili Oil

We sometimes think about replacing our pillows with these tender, pork-filled wontons. The wrapper is super thin and wide, and the chili oil tastes a lot like garlic and Szechuan peppercorn are having a heated debate. Try them for yourself and you’ll see what we mean.

Han Dynasty review image

Mapo Tofu

Some of the best in the city. It’s numbing, peppery, and so satisfying. This should be heavily involved in your delivery rotation.

Dry-Pepper Style Chicken

This comes as a pile of fried chicken topped with tons of spicy, dried chili peppers on top. We would happily put in a bucket and bring it to a movie theater. Bucket or not, we suggest you get some white rice on the side to balance the spice a little.

Han Dynasty review image

Dry-Pot Style Fish

Order this and a little sizzling wok will arrive at your table, full of meaty hunks of white fish, lotus root, and Szechuan peppercorns. It’s spicy, so make sure you’re prepared for what’s to come.

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Pea Shoots

We always order something green and something not-spicy to balance the rest of the table. The pea shoots take care of both of those needs.

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