Fung Tu

A poem, for Fung Tu.

Today is the eve of Valentine's Day. Not an ideal time to break up, but we just had to get this out of the way.

Lately we've been spending a lot of time together - it almost felt like we saw you nightly. But it's unfortunately time that we end this thing politely.

On three different dates, we hoped that things would get hot and heavy. And every time we walked away, because it simply felt like you weren't ready.

So we're sorry if we led you on. That certainly wasn't the intention. The space is put together beautifully and your Suze infused negroni is a fine invention. But much of the food is so, so bland and dry. Why?

If only those dumpling knots were a little bit crisper.

Hopefully it's cool if we still hang out with your sister.

Food Rundown

Smoked & Fried Dates Stuffed with Duck
One of Fung Tu's most talked about dishes. We found these dates to be insanely sweet, to the point that they could have easily been served with ice cream, as dessert. And that's not how we're looking to start a meal.

Smoked Mussels in Scallion Oil
A small bowl of cold, smoked mussels in scallion oil. We enjoyed this very much. The smokiness on the mussels is nice and subtle. Order 'em up.

Chinese Sashimi with Snow Pea Leaves
A bunch of sashimi, stuck on a plate with nothing much else going on. The fish was certainly fresh, but this otherwise a really boring dish.

Cilantro & Cashew Salad with Smoked Chicken & Masa Scallion Pancake
A play on a tostada, this is a thick, dry (this will be a theme), scallion pancake covered in (really) dry smoked chicken and way too much cilantro. Then you throw some cashews into the mix and your tongue is so moisture deprived you can barely talk. No thanks.

Stir Fried Celtuce with Soy-Anise Marinated Egg
This dish exemplifies the unfortunate shortcomings of many parts of the Fung Tu menu. Celtuce, which we'd never heard of before, is a green that has the texture of peeled cucumber. In this instance, it's been cooked and topped with a soft egg. And it tastes a lot like a plate of air. No seasoning. No flavor. Just a cool sounding concept with nothing to it - which is how we felt about the majority of the food here.

Parker House Steamed Buns with Butternut Squash, Shiitake Mushrooms, and Glass Noodles
Too. Much. Bun. We could barely taste the other stuff inside, and again, the lack of flavor comes into play.

Original Egg Roll Version 2
This is a modern play on the "original egg roll" they serve at Now Wah Tea Parlor. The chef stuffs it with pork belly and pickled olives, and the result is a mushy, unimpressive roll. The ones at Now Wah are way better, and they're a quarter of the price.

Stir Fried Soybean Sprouts with Squid and Bacon over Rice
You had some sprouts. You had some rice. You had some bacon. You had some squid. And you just threw them together in a bowl, without consideration for proportion or harmony. We ultimately gave up on this dish because there wasn't enough good stuff on the plate to compete with the massive amount of dry rice.

Dumpling Knots with Sichuan Ground Pork Sauce
This is the big-ticket item that's supposed to make you want to come back and eat at Fung Tu again and again. But it doesn't. It's a bowl of bland, soft dumplings that sort of look like Barilla pasta with Prego sauce on top. Sorry, but we were expecting more.

Sweet Potato Rice Cakes with Lap Cheong, Mushrooms, and Greens
Here's a dish that we liked a lot. The sweet potato rice cakes have a lot of flavor, and we were impressed with both the texture and the consistency.

Fried Pork Chops with Pickled Mustard Cabbage
This one was decent. A fried pork chop is different, but the meat was tough to find amongst the bones. At the very least, it had some flavor, especially thanks mostly to that pickled cabbage.

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