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Pizza is in a funny place these days. With the exception of Artichoke, very few new generation parlors go the slice route, despite the fact there's obviously a big demand. For the current crop of dough freaks, it's all about finding new school ways of cooking an old school pie and one-upping each other. After an initial explosion a couple years behind the success of Keste, Motorino and Co., the hipster pizza has returned for its second wind with Forcella's Montanara pizza leading the charge.

Let's talk about this Montanara pie. Different and more delicious than any other haute-pizza we've tried, the dough is flash fried before being finished off in a pan, baked inside their wood-burning oven imported directly from Italy. The impossibly crispy margherita pie comes out tasting like dessert. It's incredible. We'll let The Underground Gourmet school you on the details, but just take our word for it - you need to try this pizza. Forcella is banking on that too as this restaurant is massive for a pizza place. Their prime Bowery real estate can't be cheap. A couple things to keep in mind: There is no booze yet, liquor license is still being worked out. Also, the service is rough around the edges. Our server was dreadfully slow and a total space cadet. We witnessed mishaps at multiple tables around us, so it wasn't just our guy either. Also, aside from the Montanara pie, nothing was overly impressive. The other pizzas are good, but they're no better than the competition. Plus, the starters and salads are nothing to write home about which begs the question of why not just open up a Montara specific pie and slices joint? Keep the overhead low and people happy.

Here's what's truly amazing about Forcella. It's operated by the same guy who manned the oven at Olio Pizza e Piu, the restaurant that currently owns the most hysterical and nearly lowest scored review on The Infatuation. As you can imagine, we were a bit skeptical going in. What can we say though? Time, the dude got it right.

Food Rundown

Sizeable tomato and mozzarella rice balls that are breaded and fried. A fine starter, but definitely not a mandatory order as they're a bit bland.

Pizzelle Di Nonna
If you're not going to order the fried Montanara pie, then you best be ordering this appetizer duo of mini fried pizzas. Or, go big and order both. That's what we did.

Procida Salad
Mixed greens, cucumber, corn, and cherry tomatoes in a light vinaigrette. Feel free if you want some greens on the table, but don't get too excited about it.

Montanara Pizza
So, as we explained above, this the reason why you're here. This flash fried crispy, fluffy, deliciousness is the kind of pizza we could eat every day of our lives. Unlike other pizzas, this one won't weigh you down either. Eat it. As for the rest of the food on this menu? Don't worry about it. Eat this.

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