Flip Sigi

California, famously, knows how to party—as demonstrated by its “hella dank” Filipino and Mexican food, and the genius who decided to put french fries in burritos. Flip Sigi brings all of this Golden State fun (plus a sparkly disco ball) to its Filipino fusion taqueria in the middle of the West Village. Here, you can eat an adobo chicken California burrito or a Flip-N-Out burger with banana ketchup while early-aughts hiphop shakes the graffiti-covered walls around you. With cheekily named menu items like the spam Plan B Rito (yes) and Brunchwrap Supreme (hell yes), they’re doing a lot, but the more they lean into the fusion, the better everything tastes. Stop by for a couple of beers and the 2-For-1 Taco Tuesday deal.