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Flinders Lane

For some reason, the Australian lifestyle has always appealed to us. It probably has something to do with the sun, the surfing, and all of the awesome animals they have down there. Except for the spiders. F*ck spiders.

Lucky for us, one can now get a taste of the Aussie life without risking the chance of dying at the hands of a 9" insect with fur. Instead you just head for the sunny East Village and eat at Flinders Lane, a new bar and restaurant on Avenue A. Named for a street in Melbourne, Flinders Lane is all about the Australian food groups: meat pies, lamb chops, avocado toast, and strong coffee. Australians are very serious about their coffee.

We've now eaten every meal of the day inside this airy, care-free restaurant, and we're surprised at how much we like it. The food at Flinders Lane is really good, as is the service, and the drinks don't suck either. As you might expect, this place is also a hotbed of Aussie activity and a refugee for expats. That's good news for you if you're looking to cross an experience from down under off your bucket list, or at least meet someone who can properly teach you how to properly use the word "heaps."

Food Rundown

Avocado Toast
Despite avocado toast being Australian in heritage, we've had better versions in this town. Mainly because the bread it comes on is too thick, and not toasted enough.

Sausage Rolls
This is where it's at for brunch. Sausage inside puff pastry and a side of mustardy goodness. You absolutely need this.

Poached Egg, Smoked Fish, Pork
A dreamy breakfast combination of smoked salmon, pork, a sexy egg, some greens, and the key condiment that brings everything together - grain mustard. Grain mustard is so damn good.

According to our server, it's the grilled pineapple and beets atop a beef patty that make this an Australian style burge. It also comes with a sunny egg, which we're never mad at. It's a lot, but it's a solid burger.

A very nice appetizer on the dinner menu, and one of their signature dishes. Many of the Flinders Lane dishes have just the right hint of spice, and the raw white fish is really brought to life here with fennel and red pepper dressing.

Oysters Kilpatrick
Australians like to dress their oysters in Worcestershire dressing, and thats exactly how they're served at Flinders Lane. Throw some garlic chives and Chinese pork sausage into the mix as well, and you've certainly got a different style of oyster.

Diver Caught Scallops
Killer scallops. Perfectly cooked and accompanied by one of the single greatest scallop sides in the history of dining, a delicious macadamia-chili relish. Amazing.

Meat Pie Special
If you come to Flinders, you're absolutely ordering a meat pie. Do it as an appetizer to share. They feature a different variety every night, and we've had one filled with lamb, and another with beef and mushrooms. Both were excellent.

Crispy Tofu
Fried tofu in an Asian kind of sauce, with delicious sweet and sour eggplant, salted cucumber, and mountain pepper berry, whatever that is.

Grilled Lamb Rack
We were here hesitant to order this, the most expensive dish on the menu, but you don't want to miss out on the lamb chops. Yes it's $30 and is only two small chops, but it's delicious. Live a little.

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