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Fatty 'Cue

This Restaurant is Permanently Closed

Fatty 'Cue is apparently out to bring "a little Southeast Asian fermented funkiness" to Williamsburg. Something is funky stomach and their math. Everything in this place is overpriced and underwhelming. We got suckered into actually buying toast with a side of grease, cleverly marketed as "Master Fat". "Master Fat" is what Fatty 'Cue decided to call all the drippings at the bottom of the smoker so they could sell it. Pretty smart. But let me ask this question - how the f*ck can that taste like nothing? As a matter of fact, everything that we've had on the menu has been met with that same underwhelmed sentiment. Smoked duck that is then fried and served with curry? Somehow it just tastes like a piece of duck. Brisket pork bun sandwiches? Not good. And judging by how much beef comes on the plate, cows must be rare like California Condor these days. Not even the 'Cue coriander bacon lived up to its billing, and that's probably the best thing we've eaten at this place.

Honestly, we're fans of Fatty Crab and Cabrtito, and we love BBQ, so we figured we would land on the side of like with this polarizing new restaurant. We tried, but at the end of the day, we just can't get excited about mediocre food...especially when brisket costs $37 a pound.

Food Rundown:

Dragon Pullman Toast With a Side of Master Fat
Toast served with a tiny cup of grease from the rendered fat that falls to the bottom of Fatty 'Cue's smoker. We were so proud of ourselves for ordering this. But someone has got to explain to me how fat from so many different and delicious animals can taste like canola oil. Such a bummer.

Cue Coriander Bacon
This certainly wasn't bad, but it also wasn't mind blowing like a piece of standalone bacon on a menu should be. The coriander sauce on the side was oddly gelatinous and didn't add much to the dish. If you want bacon that will melt your face, go to Buttermilk Channel and get the mustard glazed bacon.

Just some cucumbers. Cut up and served in a tiny little bowl.

Bowl of Noodles
This was actually pretty good. It's just noodles, but i'm sure it's the "bone broth" that makes them tasty.

Manila Clams
This was one of the few dishes that actually packed some flavor. The clams were fine but we used this mainly for dipping our "dragon toast" (AKA white bread) in the broth.

Pork Spare Ribs
These were good ribs for sure. The smoked fish syrup added a lot to the tender meat. But three for fourteen or four for twenty bucks? That's five dollars PER RIB.

Brandt Farm Beef Brisket
Basically here is how this works: they put about three strips of brisket on a plate and cover it with the steamed buns. That way the waiter can drop it off at your table and hide while you uncover a pile of scraps. This is great if you enjoy fighting over food like a stray cat.

Fazio Farm Red Curry Duck
Duck thighs that have been smoked, then fried, and served with a red curry sauce for dipping. The duck itself was tasty, but these are hard to manage, and the curry dipping sauce unfortunately added very little.

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