Emmy Squared UES

There are very few things that kids, parents, and 25 year-olds can all agree on. Among them is the cuteness of a dog’s chubby belly, the fact that everyone secretly wants to get stuck in Target overnight, and pizza. So it probably won’t surprise you that there’s now an Emmy Squared location on 81st Street and 3rd Avenue, and that it gets extremely busy. If you’re not familiar with Emmy Squared’s pizza, know that it’s served Detroit-style, which means it’s thick, rectangular, and comes with sauce on top of the cheese. The UES pies taste just as soft inside and crusty outside as the Emmy locations in Williamsburg or the East Village (particularly the margherita with burrata on top). The only difference is that there are more eight-year-olds here, and all the adults have done enough parenting for the day to deserve their wine.

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