Eating a full deep-dish pie in NYC is the pizza equivalent of wearing a Trae Young jersey at Madison Square Garden. But when the urge hits, Emmett’s in Soho is where you should go. That being said, there are other more worthwhile Chicago-style things on the menu to order. We’re talking about the Italian beef with a spicy giardiniera that you’ll want to dip in the residual beef drippings and the crispy, thin tavern-style pizzas. The Hot Poppy in particular is a standout, with pepperoni, red onions, jalapeños, and a homemade paprika ranch that’s reminiscent of what every midwesterner wants to dunk their crusts in.

The space is pretty small, so we wouldn’t recommend Emmett’s for a big group dinner. But it works for catching up with a friend over a bottle of wine and a pie—and if your friend happens to eat like a five-year-old, they’ll be happy to know that menu is stocked with items they’d find at a kid’s birthday party (mozzarella sticks, burgers, hot dogs, etc.). It’s also worth noting that if you’ve moved from Chicago to NYC, visiting Emmett’s is a rite of passage.

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