Emack & Bolio's Ice Cream

Emack and Bolio’s belongs on any list of the best ice cream in the city, regardless of hard-serve or soft serve (in fact, we’ve put it on both). This Uptown institution can do most of their hard flavors in soft serve form, and we have a hypothesis that Emack and Bolio’s menu went through R&D with a focus group of particularly imaginative six-year-olds. This may explain the fact that you can order your ice cream in a cone covered in fruit loops and marshmallows. Our advice here is to be as outrageous as possible with your flavor and topping decisions. You’re eating ice cream, not choosing an insurance plan.

P.S.A - there are locations on the UWS and UES, as well as in Brooklyn Heights and Fort Greene (but the UWS and Fort Greene don’t have any soft serve).

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