This Restaurant is Permanently Closed

You know how occasionally something is brought to your attention and all of a sudden it's everywhere? Two weeks ago, this place didn't register at all on my radar, now, I can't escape it. Every magazine I open, every food blog I read, every person I talk is all up in Elettaria's business. I was hesitant at first. Indian influenced? Not my thing. I'm scared shitless of curry and Indian food in general. But I thank you Elettaria for being my gateway to Indian food.

The space is quite interesting, there's somewhat of a medieval vibe due to exposed brick walls, wood slated ceilings, vintage artwork spattered about, and a communal feel thanks to an open kitchen in the back. Plus, the fact that Djimon Hounsou, from movies like Gladiator and Blood Diamond, waits tables here only added to that concept (yeah, I didn't know his name until I looked it up either). Seriously though, the guy is a spitting image of him and sports an amazing French accent too. Apparently the decor, theme, and service aren't the only things with an archaic theme; the clientele follow the same pattern. Granted, location plays a part in this, but we were at least ten to fifteen years younger than anyone else dining there. Apparently this is a hip restaurant for an older demo; a perfect place to bring the folks.

Food Rundown:

Crab Meat Resala
Not really sure what resala is, but this lightly curried crab dip is all kinds of tasty. It's hard not to order a crab appetizer served with parisienne gnocci, turmeric-onion soubise, basil seeds and fried herbs. Djimon, the waiter, told us this is pretty much the general consensus favorite dish.

Dayboat Sea Scallops
For fourteen dollars, this is a nice sized serving of Scallops. Two well cooked little guys served with mushroom tart tatin, candied garlic, and chive puree.

Steamed Rice Cakes
Damn you Momofuku Empire, now every time I see rice cakes on a menu I need to order them. My mouth starts watering just thinking about how great yours are and it really impairs my judgment. Even though Djimon honestly admitted these rice cakes aren't all that (although he says the chef thinks otherwise), I ordered them anyway. Wrong move. These are nothing like the Momo cakes. These rice cakes are big and dry and boring. Skip.

Hampshire Pork Porterhouse
Served with peas, Benton's smoked ham and maple syrup, this sounds like a sure thing on paper. The sizeable chunk of meat is good, it's just not great. It's lacking in the tender department and a little dry. You want a pork chop? Go to Little Owl.

Papadum Crusted Cod
Well cooked, well seasoned, and a perfect ivory white, this cod was pretty fantastic. Everything about this dish worked and the ravioli that the fish is served on top of was amazing.

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