Don Antonio

The restaurant is a joint venture from one of the guys that opened Kesté and a Neapolitan pizza maestro. These two experts put their heads together and came up with Don Antonio, a place that offers more pizza varieties than you could ever want on one menu, and does so in what has to be the least appealing place to eat pizza imaginable. It’s basically a nondescript Midtown bar with Euro beats constantly bumping at a level just loud enough to drive you crazy. The pies we tried at Don Antonio were all pretty good, but this is definitely not best of New York City territory. It’s not even best of Midtown territory. The flash-fried Montanara pizza that garners much of the attention here pales in comparison to the one at PizzArte a few blocks away. So do most of the pizzas now that we think about it.

Food Rundown

Montanara Starita

Flash fried pizza is all the rage right now, and the best of the bunch can be found at Forcella. It tastes like pizza on a donut crust, and that’s fcking awesome. PizzArte has a good one too, and this version with smoked mozzarella form Don Antonio is fine, but it doesn’t have quite the puffy, crunchy crust that we like on the others.

Burrata Roberta

Burrata on a pizza can’t be bad, right? This is a reliable order, assuming you’re ok with it being a little bit sloppy from all that soft cheese.

Regina Margherita

We liked this version of the margherita pizza because it’s got buffalo mozzarella. This is another safe bet.


This pie has olives, sopressata and a few different cheeses on it. It makes for a salty pizza...probably too salty. It could use a bit more of the tomato sauce to balance things out.